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Animal Fractionation Pacing/Recording System


Animal Fractionation Pacing/Recording System

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Davicom M40 EMG Monitor (Neurodyne Medical) Physiology Lab Equipment


Davicom M40 EMG Monitor (Neurodyne Medical) 

This equipment originated in a Physiology Lab in a leading UK University and came to us as part of a store room clear out.  The item powers on but we do not have the expertise to fully test this item.

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DWL Multi Dop X4 Doppler Ultrasound Sonograph Machine X4-RC Screen w/ Trolley


This DWL Multi Dop X4 Machine comes with Screen, Keyboard, Mouse, new disks, spare roll paper, plus manuals. The unit is supplied on a a very sturdy trolley on wheels with 2 shelves and a drawer.

The unit has been powered on at our site but not tested further.

Because of the nature of the equipment and its intended use, it must be safety and performance tested / inspected prior to use.

When powered on, the whole system beeps loudly until you turn it off.

On booting it says something about a battery error. There was software on the PC.

The door on the front with access to the CD and floppy drive is locked and inaccessible. Brand new packs of floppy disks, a few spares and manuals are also included.

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Invitrogen Countess Automated Cell Counter Laboratory Lab Equipment


Invitrogen Countess Automated Cell Counter

Removed from a facility during a lab clearout. The department did not know whether the equipment was working as it was left behind from a previous group. The unit does power on but has not been tested beyond that.

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Job Lot Harlow Rollameter Height Measuring Mattresses Baby Child Medical Health


This lot of 10 Harlow Rollameter Measuring Mattresses were removed from a medical research department as surplus to requirements.

They appear to be in excellent condition.

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Labsystems Thermo Wellwash 4 MK 2 Microplate Washer Lab


This system came from a working environment and we were informed it was fully functional. We have powered it on but not tested it further. We have not checked whether any additional accessories or software are necessary to operate the system.

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Lot of 8 Carolina Medical CME Blood Flow Probes various sizes Laboratory Lab


Lot of 8 Carolina Medical CME Blood Flow Probes various sizes:

2 x EP101.5

2 x EP102

1 x EP102R

1 x EP104

1 x EP106

1 x EP107.5

Please note:  One of the cases does not close and the foam in 2 of the cases is beginning to disintegrate (please see photos).  These probes have been used on animals.

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Medical Infrared Twin Bulb Lamp Free Standing on Wheels


Medical Infrared twin bulb Heat Lamp free standing on wheels - fully adjustable and folds for storing.

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Sechrist IV-100B Infant Ventilator w/ Oxygen Blender Lab Medical


This unit was removed from a university medical department as surplus to requirements.

The lab thought it was working when last used, but we have only tested it to power on.

Due to the nature of the equipment, it is sold strictly as untested, as you would need to conduct all necessary safety tests and function tests to ensure it is working properly prior to use.

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Sercon ASX-7400 Autosampler Cetac Technologies Lab


This unit was removed from a lab during a clearout. The unit appeared to be in its original box, and the lab manager assured us its never been used.

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SRI Spirometer - Multi-Purpose cat 5048 9L Respiration Fitness Sports Training


SRI (Scientific & Research Instruments Ltd)  Spirometer Multi-Purpose Model Catalogue no 5048 Capacity  9 litres for Respiration / Fitness Training.  This equipment originated in a Sports Lab in a top UK University and is now surplus to requirements.  The unit powers on but we do not have the expertise to test further.

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Waters Prep Inline HPLC Degasser - AF ILD


This unit was removed during a laboratory clearout. It has been powered on but not tested further.

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