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£ 30.00 (ex. VAT)

4x GE Lighting T26 GCS Showbiz Quartzline Halogen Lamp Bulbs


This set of bulbs was removed from a university store as surplus to requirements. They appear to be in new in original box.

£ 225.00 (ex. VAT)

60 Stainless Steel Catering Tray Lids Commercial Banqueting


This set was removed from a catering hall as surplus to requirements.

£ 89.06 (ex. VAT)

CMR Electrical Water Leak Detection Sensor Lab Freezers Plant Room


This lot of sensors were removed from a lab building that was being closed.

They are assumed to be working as were in use prior to removal, however we have not tested the units.

£ 53.44 (ex. VAT)

Job Lot 100 Therapak IATA Shipping Boxes for Ambient Transport 23650E Lab


This Therpak shipping boxes are new and unused.

£ 150.00 (ex. VAT)

Job Lot Of 3 Adjustable Laser Optics Slide Mounts Rail Precision Tool Lab


  • Job lot of 3 adjustable optic slide mounts
  • There are no screws included
  • These are from a top UK University
  • In good condition
  • These have not been tested
  • Please see photos for more information and what they are
  • It seems like there is one mount and two rails, The dimensions for one rail is: 1600mm(l) 120mm(w) 110mm(d)

£ 1,500.00 (ex. VAT)

La Spaziale S5 EK TA Espresso Coffee Machine Commercial


This unit was removed from a catering facility as surplus to requirements.

We were assured it was in full working order prior to removal.

IT looks to be in excellent condition.

£ 178.12 (ex. VAT)

Large Job Lot 250+ Cooler Bags BB0020 New RRP £437.50


This sale is for a large collection of new, unused cooler bags. The BB0020 normally retails for £1.75 for orders of 250 or more. Here we are selling them at just £1 / unit.

This is a one-off sale for 250 units. They were ordered by mistake and are now surplus to requirements.

£ 562.50 (ex. VAT)

Lot of 444 InterWrite PRS RF Model R1 Personal Response System Lecture + Master


This large lot was removed from a university teaching facility as surplus to requirements. These units typically cost £15-20 to buy new each so its a considerable value in total (original purchase price would likely have been >£5k).

Given the high quantity, its likely one or two have minor problems, the vast majority are presumed to be in working order.

We will consider offers for lower quantities.

444x InterWrite PRS RF Model R1

2x InterWrite PRS Master Remotes

1x InterWrite Learning USB Receiver

£ 300.00 (ex. VAT)

Musgrave Foot Print System Sport Sciences Biomechanics


This system was removed from a university sport and exercise sciences department as surplus to requirements.

We have not tested the unit but were informed it is in working order.

£ 450.00 (ex. VAT)

Portable Floormakers Ltd. 15ft x 15ft Florlok Portable Dance Floor (Brazilian Ch


"15x15 portable dance floor. Complete with all edging. This includes 23 Full Panels, 4 Half Panels, 16 Full Edges, 4 Half Edges, 2 Left Corners and 2 Right Corners. It can be palced on a leveled Floor. Dance Floor Manufactured in the UK/EU

• NEW: SLIP-STOP Anti slip Technology on batons & lugs

• No tools, screws or fastening devices required

• Installation and recovery impressively faster than screw

  or twist lock mechanisms

• Dance Floor Panel specification:

   – 9mm thick Virola BB/CC grade Plywood base

   – 7mm thick Jatoba grade meshed dark hardwood parquet OR

   – 7mm thick Tasmanian Light Oak parquet

   – All aluminium lightweight frame graded F22/6063 T6

   – UV top coat by 100% non-volatile Acrylic lacquer

   – Styccobond F3 nontoxic Flooring adhesive

• Edging: Silver 

Sizes: (4.57m x 4.57m, 15’ x 15)’

23 Full Panel

4 Half panels

16 Full Edges

4 Half Edges

4 Corner Edge

1 Sotrage Caddie

Max 50 Dancers can dance at one time.

£ 112.50 (ex. VAT)

RS Scan International Footscan Scanner Accessory Set, Insole, Software,


This unit was removed from a lab store room during a clearout.

We were informed that they had given the footscan system to another department, but had forgotten to give them this accessory set.

It includes a range of key accessories for the system.

£ 112.50 (ex. VAT)

Set of 4 Mermaid Chaffing Dishes Banqueting Commercial Catering


This set was removed from a catering hall as surplus to requirements.

Items 1 to 12 of 12