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£ 89.06 (ex. VAT)

CMR Electrical Water Leak Detection Sensor Lab Freezers Plant Room


This lot of sensors were removed from a lab building that was being closed.

They are assumed to be working as were in use prior to removal, however we have not tested the units.

£ 67.50 (ex. VAT)

Hospital Medical Curtain Track System + Spare Curtain


This system is for the ceiling track as shown in the photos, the blue curtain currently hanging in the photos, and also a spare unused curtain.

One of the track poles is quite long, and so is unsuitable to shipping so the unit is collection only.

We can deliver on request of a quote but it will depend on your postcode.

£ 53.44 (ex. VAT)

Job Lot 100 Therapak IATA Shipping Boxes for Ambient Transport 23650E Lab


This Therpak shipping boxes are new and unused.

£ 150.00 (ex. VAT)

Job Lot Of 3 Adjustable Laser Optics Slide Mounts Rail Precision Tool Lab


  • Job lot of 3 adjustable optic slide mounts
  • There are no screws included
  • These are from a top UK University
  • In good condition
  • These have not been tested
  • Please see photos for more information and what they are
  • It seems like there is one mount and two rails, The dimensions for one rail is: 1600mm(l) 120mm(w) 110mm(d)

£ 1,500.00 (ex. VAT)

La Spaziale S5 EK TA Espresso Coffee Machine Commercial


This unit was removed from a catering facility as surplus to requirements.

We were assured it was in full working order prior to removal.

IT looks to be in excellent condition.

£ 178.12 (ex. VAT)

Large Job Lot 250+ Cooler Bags BB0020 New RRP £437.50


This sale is for a large collection of new, unused cooler bags. The BB0020 normally retails for £1.75 for orders of 250 or more. Here we are selling them at just £1 / unit.

This is a one-off sale for 250 units. They were ordered by mistake and are now surplus to requirements.

£ 300.00 (ex. VAT)

Musgrave Foot Print System Sport Sciences Biomechanics


This system was removed from a university sport and exercise sciences department as surplus to requirements.

We have not tested the unit but were informed it is in working order.

£ 450.00 (ex. VAT)

Portable Floormakers Ltd. 15ft x 15ft Florlok Portable Dance Floor (Brazilian Ch


"15x15 portable dance floor. Complete with all edging. This includes 23 Full Panels, 4 Half Panels, 16 Full Edges, 4 Half Edges, 2 Left Corners and 2 Right Corners. It can be palced on a leveled Floor. Dance Floor Manufactured in the UK/EU

• NEW: SLIP-STOP Anti slip Technology on batons & lugs

• No tools, screws or fastening devices required

• Installation and recovery impressively faster than screw

  or twist lock mechanisms

• Dance Floor Panel specification:

   – 9mm thick Virola BB/CC grade Plywood base

   – 7mm thick Jatoba grade meshed dark hardwood parquet OR

   – 7mm thick Tasmanian Light Oak parquet

   – All aluminium lightweight frame graded F22/6063 T6

   – UV top coat by 100% non-volatile Acrylic lacquer

   – Styccobond F3 nontoxic Flooring adhesive

• Edging: Silver 

Sizes: (4.57m x 4.57m, 15’ x 15)’

23 Full Panel

4 Half panels

16 Full Edges

4 Half Edges

4 Corner Edge

1 Sotrage Caddie

Max 50 Dancers can dance at one time.

£ 112.50 (ex. VAT)

RS Scan International Footscan Scanner Accessory Set, Insole, Software,


This unit was removed from a lab store room during a clearout.

We were informed that they had given the footscan system to another department, but had forgotten to give them this accessory set.

It includes a range of key accessories for the system.

£ 30.00 (ex. VAT)

Seca Medical 770 Personal Scale Bathroom Weighing


These scales were removed from a body composition centre as surplus to requirements.

They appear to be in working order.

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