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Thermo Fisher Automated Spinnaker Platform System Lab


This system is being sold on behalf of a university laboratory. It is surplus to requirements.

The system was used to perform ELISA assays in 384 well plates, it is fully automated and comes with the PC and automation management software and spares of some of the parts. It also includes rails to allow set up as a full workstation as shown in the attachment. The components are listed below with the

Included are;

1 x Agilent Bravo liquid handler S/N SG2304B005

4 x Biotek EL406 Microplate washers c/w syringe boxes S/N 20082618, 20080418, 20083120, 20090212

1 x Dell Automation PC c/w Monitor and automation management software

1 x Thermo Fisher Spinnaker standalone mover Vaccine testing robotic Workcenter c/w arm S/N SPK2033229

3 x Microplate carousel c/w hotels S/N TBC2031107, TBC2031118, TBC203119

2 x Agilent PlateLoc Thermal Sealer S/N SG2034A103, SG2046A133

2 x Thermo Fisher LidPark for removal, storage and replacement of lids on microplates S/N CLP2039063, CLP2130075

1 x XPeel microplate Seal remover W/N2012CHE10012

1 x Spinnaker robotic arm (spare for spinnaker robotic platform) NSN

2 x Multiskan Sky microplate spectrophotometer S/N 1530-801668, NSN

The system is currently entirely crated up and ready to go.

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Pharmacia BIAcore Processing Unit Surface Plasmon Resonance System Lab


Pharmacia BIAcore Processing Unit Surface Plasmon Resonance System

This was removed from a university lab where it was surplus to requirements.

The unit powers up but we were unable to test it further at our facility. It is in good cosmetic condition with minor marks from use.

Pharmacia Thermo Block A.

Pharmacia Thermo Block B.

Pharmacia Thermo Block C.

BIAcore upgrade kit.

BIAcore software July 2021.

BIAcore Advisor Tutorial.

BIAcore Advisor Kinetics.

BIAcore Preventive Maintenance Kit 4.

BIAlogue Software set:

BIAcore 1000 Control Software version 1.3 Disc 1 to 3

BIAlogue System Specific Data.

BIAapplications Handbook.

BIAcore Upgrade Instrument Handbook.

BIAevaluation 2.1 Software Handbook.

BIAcore Getting Started 2000 Hand Book.

BIAtechnology Handbook.

BIAcore Qflex Kit Vitamin B12 Handbook.

BIAcore Quant Biotin Kit Users Guide.

BIAcore Quant Folic Acid Kit Users Guide.

BIAcore Sensor Surface Hand Book.

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