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VisiTech VTI Confocal Laser & Controller w/ Yokogawa Scanner & Filters Lab


This VisiTech VTI Laser & Controller System Yokogawa Scanner was removed from a university lab where it was surplus to requirements.

All the units power on but we were unable to test them further. They are in reasonably good condition with marks from use.

Included in the system is;

1 x VTI Laser Source Unit

1 x VTI AOTF Controller

1 x VTI AOTF Expansion Controller

1 X Set of keys for the laser unit

8 x Connection leads.

1 x Yokogawa CSU10B-F300-E./VisiTech QLC100 Spinning Disc Confocal Scanner

The unit is in reasonably good used cosmetic condition but it does have some scrapes/scratches and signs of use. It comes with a power supply, keys and some cables which may or may not be for the unit. The unit is also fitted with a filter wheel plate that is fitted with 4 filter lenses. It has been powered up but not we are not able to test it any further.

3 x Microscope filter assemblies.

Items are in good used cosmetic condition but they will probably require a clean.

The set consists of:

1 x 457/514/568/647 Filter Assembly.

1 x RGBA Filter Assembly with Semrock BrightLine.

1 x 405/488/568 Filter Assembly, doesn't appear to be complete.

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LEICA Confocal Microscope System Parts TCS SP - Lasers - Power Supply - Software


LEICA Confocal Microscope System Parts

These parts were removed from a university lab where they were surplus to requirements.

This is sold as parts.

Included are;

Leica Multi Band Confocal Imaging Spectrophotometer & Workstation

Type - TCS SP

SN - 176234

Nothing happened when plugged in.

2 x Confocal Lasers

Both power on.


Type - 301-393.020

SN - 223813

Powers on.

Leica 12V/100W Lamp Power Supply

Type - 301-391.010

SN - 501179

Powers on.

Leica Panelbox

Model - 30413-002

SN - 20106

Leica Control

SN - 11501198

PC Equipment:-


Leica WS D965/6400 SP1 Upgrade

SN - 067444

PC Does not power on, we checked the hard drive it has software for the Leica System.

HP 24" LCD Monitor

Model - HP ZR24w

SN - CNT11510Y2

Powers on.

Cherry Keyboard

Model - MY 3000R/M

SN - G 0015309 5U14

Microsoft Mouse

Other parts not LEICA related:-

Nikon Power Supply

Model - TE-PSE30

SN - 1020162

Powers on.

Nikon 12V 100W Power Unit

Model - PSM-2120

SN - 114038

Powers on.

LEJ Lamp Power Supply

Model - EBQ 100 DC-1

SN - I 144242051

Powers on.

Panasonic Video Monitor

Model - WV-BM 1410

SN - BCW 11684

Powers on.

CRI Micro Colour

Model - RGB-ELE

SN - 61228

Box of Objectives:-

C Baker London 13799 1/6" x40 N.A. 0.73

Nikon 40X 0.65

Nikon PlanApo 60/1.40 Oil 160/0.17 163722

Zeiss Achrostigmat 40x/0.65 ∞/0.17 44 01 50

Kruss Model - CM3252 M Plan Apo 2X/0.055 ∞/0 f =200 1G021505

Nikon Filter - Z488RDC C59931

there are a couple more little bits unidentified.

PC Equipment:-

Dell Precision 340


Wasabi Software installed along with Microcolour Imaging Software.

Powers on.

HP 23" LCD Monitor

Model - HP ZR24W

SN - CNT11111XP

Powers on.

Dell keyboard

Model - RT7D20

SN - 3912A482

Dell Mouse

SN - LZA30456449

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Carl Zeiss 710 Real Time Controller for Confocal Microscope System Lab


This Carl Zeiss 710 Real Time Controller was removed from a university lab where it was surplus to requirements.

We were informed that it was working correctly when disconnect from the system. This unit is supplied without a monitor or any other ancillaries.

We connected it up and powered it on. It did go through a boot sequence but it does require a master computer to operate. There are 3 PCI cards in the system and a Ethernet !GB/s card which is connected to one of the other PCI cards.

It ran very smoothly. The item is in very good condition with very minor scratches to the outer case.

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Yokogawa CSU 10 Spinning Disc Scan Head Confocal Scanner Lab


This Yokogawa CSU 10 Spinning Disc Scan Head Confocal Scanner is being sold on behalf of a laboratory where it is surplus to requirements.

The system is working but will require a CCD Camera and a laser for it to be completely operational. It has a 50um pinhole for 100x magnification.

It is in good cosmetic condition with minor marks from use.

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