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Viglen Genie P3 65O PC with BOMEM Software


This PC was removed from a BOMEM DA3 Series Spectrophotometer System

Viglen PC w/ Galatic Protection Plug

Genie P3 65O

OS: Windows 95

The PC powers on and is in good cosmetic condition.

There are some surface marks from general use.

The PC automatically logs in.

There is a slight rattling noise coming from the fan.

The bearings may have gone due to the age of the PC. This does not seem to affect the operation and we have deemed that a repair is not required.


Bomem Grams_32

Version 4.04

Bomem DA Series Acquisition Program

Version 1.4

May 19, 2000

Galatic Protection Plug:

Type Y

25 Pin

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Apple Mac Pro Eight-Core 2.66 2009/Nehalem. 4.1/A1289/2314 Desktop Computer


This Apple Mac Pro Eight-Core 2.66 2009/Nehalem. 4.1/A1289/2314 Desktop Computer was removed from a university lab where it was surplus to requirements.

It is in reasonably good cosmetic condition but it does have some scratches and marks from use.

It comes with;


2 x 1TB hard drives.

2 x Bay 4 caddies fitted.

It has the upgraded video card - ATI Radeon HD4870 512MB.

The machine has had a fresh version of OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard installed. It would be very easy for the new user to upgrade as far as OSX 10.11 if they wish.

No accessories except the power cable come with this machine.

It powers up and appears to run as it should.

NOTE: The machine is NOT running Yosemite as shown on the spec screen.

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Janam XM65 Portable Windows Barcode Scanner PDA


This item is new in stock. Please enquire for further details.

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