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JEOL JEM2011 Transmission Electron Microscope TEM with CCD Camera & EDX System


This JEOL JEM2011 is being sold on behalf of a university lab where it was surplus to requirements.

The system is was decommissioned in August 2023. The scintillator in the Gatan Multiscan Camera is coming to the end of its life and the Oxford EDX system has not been used in a very long time as the lab was unable to source a PC with the right connectors to support it.

The pole piece is URP22_11.

The system has now been decommissioned by JEOL and is ready for collection in Fife, Scotland.

  1. JEOL JEM2011 transmission electron microscope, 200 kV operation, LaB6 or W filament
  2. Oxford INCAx-sight/Oxford Link ISIS EDX system
  3. Gatan Multiscan 794 CCD camera, 1024 x 1024 pix

The system is sold for spares.

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Hitachi H600 Transmitted Electron Microscope TEM Lab


This Hitachi H600 Transmission Electron Microscope was removed from a university lab where it was no longer needed.

It has not been tested but it is in reasonably good condition. It has been completely disassembled for removal.

If you would like images of it in its current state, we would be happy to provide these.

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Lot of Philips CM12 TEM Electron Microscope Parts


This job lot of items comes from a variety of university laboratories. The items were no longer required, collected from various store rooms and facilities.

None of these items have been tested at our site - it is likely that some will be spares/repairs, but we anticipate that a reasonable amount should operate well.

None of these items have been PAT or electrical safety tested. For this reason, we have marked these as spares/repairs as they should not be used without appropriate electrical safety checks.

They are sold as a spares/repairs bundle intended to be purchased by someone who has time to test and where necessary refurbish the units. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to benefit from individual equipment resale.

The units have not been tested at all.

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FEI Tecnai F20 TEM Transmitted Electron Microscope & Detectors Lab


FEI Tecnai F20 Electron Microscope & Detectors

This is being sold on behalf of a client. It is surplus to requirements.

The microscope is in full working condition (with one caveat). It was continuously used and covered by a service contract, originally FEI, now ISS group. It has a Gatan K2 direct detector and Rio9 CCD camera, installed 3 years ago. The K2 was a refurb from Gatan and the Rio 9 was brand new. Both are still in excellent condition. The client also has a Gatan 626 ands Gatan ELSA cryoholder for the system, again the ELSA holder is only 2 years old. It is complete with the standard FEI control software and the camera PC has Gatan’s GMS system installed as well as a fully configured SerialEM installation.

The client is aiming to have the equipment removed in Q1 or Q2 next year, but the timeline depends on some external factors.

“Nanoprobe” mode is not working and apparently has not done so for a few years. FEI insisted it was working upon installation. As far as the client knows, there are no column hardware issues, so it it likely either an electronic issue (i.e. new board) or is simply an alignment problem.

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Olympus BX51 Microscope With Hamamatsu C4742-95 Digital Camera


This item is new in stock. Please enquire for further details.

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