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Honeybee 8+1 Nano Dispensing System Genomic Solutions Cartesian Lab


This system was removed from a university lab as surplus to requirements. The lab reported: "Hasn’t been used for a few years. I am told it was working fine last time. "

Genomic Solutions Cartesian Dispensing System ,Honeybee SD 8+1 Active. Model 6PCSDBXL-00.

The system in the perspex enclosure was in good working order prior to it being disconnected. There is also included a spare unit which the university was using to provide spare parts.

There are eight tube rails each holding 24 tubes.

There are two Dell GX520 PC's that both have Microsoft XP pro installed and the software for the honeybee installed. There are no personal data on either of the units and all passwords and usernames have been changed on both. A HP 1702 monitor, usb keyboard and mouse are also included.

It also comes with instruction books and a CD-Rom of software with Cartesian AXSYS V81.6.2.

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STOE XRD Laboratory Crystallography System Lab


This STOE XRD Laboratory Crystallography System was removed from a university lab where it was surplus to requirements.

The unit has not been tested at our facility but was working prior to removal.

The unit is in good cosmetic condition, but the left-hand side window has a crack in it.

Included are

  1. 1 x Philips Long Life Focus High Intensity X-Rays Unit;
  2. 1 x STOE Darmstadt;
  3. 1 x STOE A1 Pressure Control 12V, A2;
  4. 1 x Siemens Generator K710D;
  5. 1 x Viglen PC; with STOE software installed.
  6. 1 x Software manual.

The PC operates on a FAT16 file system. It does work but very slowly due to its age and capacity.

Internal dimensions: 160(L)x85(W)x80(H).

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