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Centrotherm Model 1090 Furnace High Temperature Oven 950C Inert Gases Lab


This Centrotherm Model 1090 type DO 3.500-200FF-CAN-Win95. project 1_30555.28 Furnace was removed from a university lab where it was surplus to requirements.


Centrotherm Model 1090.

type DO 3.500-200FF-CAN-Win95.

project 1_30555.28.

Year 2001.

weight 1000kg.

power input 41kw.

current max 66a

voltage 3/N -400/230V.

The unit appears to be in good, used cosmetic condition but we were unable to test it. The included PC will NOT boot up. It just does continuous long beeps on startup.

We were told by the lab that they never really used the furnace - since they never got around to plumbing in the exhaust to work with inert gases - the reason they originally purchased it.

The belt went around and could get the temperature of the zones up but there was a safety feature where it would not go to any high temperature without a flow (one of the flow metres has a detector on the panel which acts as the interlock). They weren't prepared to go through the process of installing extraction and a gas line (could have been compressed air) unless there was a compelling case for using it.

This furnace is very large - over 3.5m long. A forklift and lorry is essential for transporting the system. It is listed as collection only - and we have a forklift at our side to load your suitable curtainsided lorry.

Please enquire for delivery costs - we can bring forklift to the site if necessary.

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Lenton Tube Furnace Lab LTF 14/250/610 1400C, 9000W, 3-Phase


Lenton Furnace

Serial no 20-901422

Type LTF 14/250/610

Max temp 1400 C

415 v

9000 Watts

25/ph Amps

50-60 Hertz

3+N Phase

L 2.5m x W 0.85m x H 1.6m (H table 0.9m)

£50k when new.  Working order and good condition.

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Vecstar Furnace Type LF-1 Lab Oven


This unit was removed from a university workshop as surplus to requirements.

We were assured the furnace is working but we havn't tested it ourselves.

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