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£ 3,000.00 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Lenton Tube Furnace Lab LTF 14/250/610 1400C, 9000W, 3-Phase


Lenton Furnace

Serial no 20-901422

Type LTF 14/250/610

Max temp 1400 C

415 v

9000 Watts

25/ph Amps

50-60 Hertz

3+N Phase

L 2.5m x W 0.85m x H 1.6m (H table 0.9m)

£50k when new.  Working order and good condition.

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Radyne 175TC3 Induction Furnace Heater Oven 200kW 3.2m long, 1.5m wide, 2m high.


This system was removed from a university engineering workshop as surplus to requirements.

The system was last used to melt 35kg of Nickel Alloy (1700 deg C.

Key details on the system:

  • Radyne 175TC3 serial No. 89076, Power 200 Kw. Overall Size 3.2m. long x 1.5m. wide x 2m. high, Estimated weight 1500Kg. Condition working well when disconnected
  • Induction coil to suit crucible of 300mm. dia. X 500mm. tall. Will require new water/power connectors. 
  • 4 off Flexible water cooled bus bars good condition.
  • Original Instruction manual
  • Set of Installation, Electrical, and Water circuit drawings.

Please see the image showing the technical specs, these have been found in the manuals included.

Also included are full electrical diagrams. Please enquire if you would like to view any of these documents. The electrical diagrams are updated each time a change for service to a part was made, the date stamps range from 1985 to 1989. We cannot confirm if this is the full service history.

Because of the size of the system we will need to discuss delivery options, so please enquire for a quote.

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Vecstar Furnace Type LF-1 Lab Oven


This unit was removed from a university workshop as surplus to requirements.

We were assured the furnace is working but we havn't tested it ourselves.

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