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£ 225.00 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

12x Vintage / Antique Sodium Lamps Warehouse Upcycle


Lot of 12x Unknown Brand Sodium Lamps.

Removed from an old warehouse building during a refurbishment. A few of them were still working prior to removal.

Used condition.

Various bumps/dents/tarnishing.

These have been used for some time in the roof of a warehouse.

So they obviously have signs of wear.

One is very squashed.

Cables have been cut on most.

The condition of the bulbs and electrics is unknown.

Units come with 10 bulbs.

2 are missing bulbs.

Units are ideal for refurbishment and upcycling.

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£ 43.74 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

2x Red Round Footstool Leather/Vinyl For Lounge


These two footstools were removed from an office as surplus to requirements.

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£ 213.24 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Large Oval Office Conference Table / Desk 12 Seater


Large Oval Office Table/Desk Conference in immaculate condition was removed from a top UK university as surplus to requirements.

Very clean desk/table, hardly used.

  • Size -12 seater size
  • Length 320cm
  • Width: 140cm
  • Height: 74 cm
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£ 11.25 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Office 2-Tier Lounge Wooden Table Ikea Coffee Table 78cm w x 118cm l x 45 cm h


This coffee table was bought for our office but has barely been used.

It is in good condition.

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£ 30.00 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Purple Medical / Hospital / Lounge Patient Chair / Seat


Purple Single Lounge Seat.

This item was removed from a care home during a clearout.

The covering is quite cracked.

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£ 54.88 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Set of 3 China High Back Night Club Chair Black Bar Stools Coffee


This set of 3 bar stools was removed from a university lunch area as surplus to requirements.

The overall height is 96cm.

The seat height is 76cm.

The base is 45cm square.

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£ 64.31 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Steelcase Node Chair Without Desk


This Steelcase Node Chair was removed from a university where it was surplus to requirements.

It is in good cosmetic condition but has been used previously.

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