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2x Fellowes Microban Foot Rests Office


These units were removed from an office during a clearout.

Both in good condition and adjust well.

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2x Jam Calligaris Bar Stool Chair Italian Designer Acrylic


This pair of Calligaris Jam bar stools were removed from a university staff room as surplus to requirements.

Chrome plate has some scratches/pitting/tarnish/rust in places.

Seat tops have various marks from use.

They have obviously been sat on and used.

Lower/raise mech appears to work as it should.

One base has a bit of a dent/warp on the edge/rim of the metal.

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2x Red Round Footstool Leather/Vinyl For Lounge


These two footstools were removed from an office as surplus to requirements.

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Auxomedical GE Datex Ohmeda Excel 210 SE Anesthsia Machine MFI Medical Hospital


  • This is in good condition
  • It has been pulled from a NHS hospital where a clear out is happen
  • We do not know the functionality however it was working a few years back. - It has not been tested 
  • External dimensions: 1680x560mm LxW
  • Weight 136kg - On wheels
  • Please see photos for more information 
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Large Oval Office Conference Table / Desk 12 Seater


Large Oval Office Table/Desk Conference in immaculate condition was removed from a top UK university as surplus to requirements.

Very clean desk/table, hardly used.

  • Size -12 seater size
  • Length 320cm
  • Width: 140cm
  • Height: 74 cm
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£ 240.00 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Luxury Black Leather 4PCS Reception Arm Chairs Seats Table Conference Meeting


Set of 3 Leather Armchairs With Matching Coffee Table come to us from a top UK university as surplus to requirements.

  • Set of 4 peaces office/reception furniture in excellent condition
  • Hardly used
  • Scratches Free

Armchairs Dimensions (External):

Height: 68cm

Depth: 67cm

Width: 87cm

Seat height: 44cm

Table Dimensions:

Length: 100cm

Width: 60cm

Height; 43cm

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Newport Lab Optics Isolation Table 1000 x 1000 x 870mm Lab


This table was removed from a lab as surplus to requirements.

It is covered in a black felt type material - that looks like it has been added by the lab and can easily be peeled off - it has some knocks / marks on it.

The dimensions are 1000cmx1000cmmx870cm (LxWxH). The holes are 6mm in diameter.

The table does not appear to have any compressor lines so its not an anti-vibration type table - its literally just the board and table legs


The table does not appear to come with any fixings that actually bolt down the tabletop to the frame - so the breadboard can just be lifted off. In theory if the board was nudged heavily from the side is could also be dislodged. Its probably not a major issue for most lab applications but worth mentioning!

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Office 2-Tier Lounge Wooden Table Ikea Coffee Table 78cm w x 118cm l x 45 cm h


This coffee table was bought for our office but has barely been used.

It is in good condition.

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Set 14 Vintage Solid Oak Dining Chairs


Set 14 Vintage Solid Oak Dining Chairs

  • An impressive set of 14 solid oak chairs collected from a store room in top UK university as surplus to requirements.
  • All chairs are in great condition, they were protected and wrapped with dust sheets so they are coming very clean and dust free.


Height: 97 cm

Width: 50 cm

Depth: 53 cm

Seat Height: 48.5

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Set of 3 China High Back Night Club Chair Black Bar Stools Coffee


This set of 3 bar stools was removed from a university lunch area as surplus to requirements.

The overall height is 96cm.

The seat height is 76cm.

The base is 45cm square.

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£ 202.50 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Set of 9 Black Leather Chairs on Chrome Metal Frame Home/Office Furniture


  • Nine High Quality Black Leather Chairs on Chrome Metal Frame
  • All chairs in excellent condition

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