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Agilent HP 6890 GC System + 6890 Injector G1530A, G1513A


This unit was removed from a laboratory as surplus to requirements. The lab manager informed us that he has not used the system in a few years and cannot recall if its fully functional so it is sold as powers on not tested further.

We have not tested the system except power-on.

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Chrompack CP 9000 Gas Chromatograph Lab Spares/Repair


Chrompack CP 9000 Gas Chromatograph Lab

This unit was removed from a lab during a clearout.

The unit powers on but it appears to have a faulty LCD which may need a replacement, for that reason we have not been able to test the unit beyond power-up, therefore is being sold as Spares or Repair.

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GC Gas Chromatograph Column 25 x 0.3mm x 2.0um Polyethyleneglycol code


This column was removed from a university GC lab as surplus to requirements.

We have not tested the column.

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Varian 431-GC Gas Chromatograph + 220-MS IT Mass Spectrometer CP-8410 Autosample


This system is being sold on behalf of one of our clients in Poland.

The unit was obtained in 2010 as new, and was intended for measuring contents of metals and chemicals in fruits and herbs for tea production. However, the equipment has barely been used as the laboratory of that company does not have certificated recognised by the industry. The equipment has been turned on and used for training conducted by a Varian technician and a couple more times afterwards at most. The equipment has standard European plugs.

The full package includes:

Varian 431-GC Gas Chromatograph

Varian 220-MS IT Mass Spectrometer

Varian CP-8410 Autosampler

Agilent Gas Clean GC/MS filter CP17973 (filling for regeneration/change)

Varian DS 42 RVP Model 9499309M004 Oil Pump with oil exhaust filler

Dell OptiPlex 745 MiniTower computer station (winXP) with MS workstation software and a mass spectra database.

Two Varian factorFour Capillary Columns VF=5ms 60Mx0.25mm ID DF=0.25 for GC, one not used.

Spare parts and accessories.

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