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BioQuell Microflow Class I Biological Safety Cabinet Microbiological Lab


This Microflow Biological Safety Cabinet was removed from a laboratory where it was surplus to requirements.

In total, we received 15 cabinets from this lab - the whole facility was an operating research lab but was cleared quickly to create a new COVID testing facility. All cabinets were believed to be in good working order prior to decomissioning.

A 13amp plug was fitted for testing. The unit powers on and the lights work. The fans however will not run and an alarm sounds. They may be powered by one of the other cut cables, but we cannot say for sure.

This is the same with all of the other Class 1 cabinets we received from this site so we inspect it just needs to be setup properly or a cable reconnected.

Alternatively it might be a dead battery - since on the class 2 cabinets we got from this site they had the same issue but all displayed 'Battery Fail'.

The filter was removed during decontamination, and the unit is generally in good condition.

Please note the unit must be safety tested and/or certified prior to use depending on your work requirements.

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NuAire NU 5550 Hepa Filter For Class II Biosafety Cabinets P/N: A-980899-01 Lab


This NuAire NU 5500 Hepa Filter was removed from a lab where it was surplus to requirements. It is brand new and sealed.

Part Number A-980899-01.

Air flow rating 15cfm.

Efficiency >99.99(0.3 micron)

Resistance <0.50inches w.g.

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Scie-Plas GLE-UVSC UV Sterilisation Cabinet / Workstation Lab


Scie-Plas GLE-UVSC UV Sterilisation Cabinet.

This item was removed from a lab during a clear out.

The unit powers on and appears to work well. All UV bulbs and the white light bulb work.

Unfortunately it's not very good cosmetically.

The base measures:

57cm L x 54cm W.

The unit is 75cm H.

Please see photos for further details.

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