Olympus Fluoview FV1200 Confocal Microscope IX83 with Laser System & Accessories

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Condition: Used

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Olympus Fluoview FV1200 Confocal Microscope IX83 with Laser System & Accessories

This was removed from a university lab where it was surplus to requirements.

The system is in full working order. It is in excellent cosmetic condition with minor marks.

Included are;

Model- FV1200

-IX83 microscope stand

-Main scanner and SIM scanner (the latter can be used to bleach or ablate while truly simultaneously imaging with the main scanner)

-2x spectral detectors and 1x PMT. Spectral detectors can be tuned to detect between 400 and 800 nm. Bandwidth can be set between 1nm and 100nm.

-2x HSD High sensitivity GaAsP detectors.

-Tokai-Hit stage top incubation system with stage adapters for dish and slide format specimens.

-Motorised Prior Scientific stage.

-Metal halide lamp for wide-field epifluorescence.

Lasers (main scanner light path for imaging)


-405 diode

-Argon with lines at 458, 488 and 515 nm

-559 nm DPSS

-635 nm diode


Lasers (SIM scanner for bleaching/ablation and imaging)


-Pulsed PicoQuant 405

-440 nm diode (can be used for imaging CFP



-10x   air UPLSAPO10X2 NA 0.4

-20x   air UPLSAPO20X NA 0.75

-40x   oil UPLFN40X0 NA 1.3

-60x   oil PLAPON60X0SC2 NA 1.4

-60x   silicone oil UPLSAPO60XS 1.3

-30x   silicone oil UPLSAPO30XS 1.05


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