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£ 101.53 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

2x EAD LA23BCK-11G2 Siemens Replacement IMT Pump XL, RxL Max, ARx, Xpand, EXL,


This unit was removed from a lab store during a clearout.

Unit maybe expired / past recommended use by date.

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£ 273.38 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Baldor Brushless AC Servomotor SV90B-275A Motor + Gearbox Gudel 454518


This set was removed from a physics workshop as surplus to requirements.

We were assured the set was working when last used. However the motor is leaking oil from the shaft area.

We are also selling sets that include a MintDrive 2 Controller - this set doesn't. But you may need to source an alternative controller depending on your applications for this motor / gearbox.

1x Baldor Brushless AC Servo Motor

1x Gudel Part# 454518

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£ 128.61 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Brook Crompton D90lD AC Motor 3 Phase 415V, 2.2kW, 2850rpm


This unit was removed from a university store as surplus to requirements.

The unit is assumed to be in full working order although we have not tested it at our site.

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£ 183.27 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Dalichow R302DT71 Electric Drilling Motor 0.15kW 220V 156 / 138 A u.p.m 57/104


This item was removed from a lab during a clearout. We have not tested the unit.

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£ 105.91 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Elco 4-017-1563 Fan Motors Type 3FGB-CO 85-38/5 Fan Deck Lab


Elco 4-017-1563 Fan Motors Type 3FGB-CO 85-38/5

This unit was removed from a university laboratory where it was surplus to requirements.

We were unable to test the unit but it is in good cosmetic condition.

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£ 164.03 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Lafert ST100L C4 Motor 1420min 2.2kW


This motor was removed from a large autoclave that was no longer required.

The motor was part of the setup which included a steam generator. We know that the system was in working order when diassembled into component parts.

However we have not tested the motor seperately.

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£ 238.33 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Lot of 5 ABB Low Voltage General Purpose Motors MAA-071A-2 / MAA-071B-4 New


This lot of motors was removed from a plant room during a decomissioning process. The motors are all new / unused in the box.

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£ 136.87 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

TEC FCNDK63 + FCNDK90 Gearbox + TEC MS711-2 Motor Electrical Engineering


TEC FCNDK63 Worm Gearbox + TEC FCNDK90 Worm Gearbox + TEC MS711-2 Motor .  These items were purchased by a leading University Laboratory and were never used.  They are now surplus to requirements.

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