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Black Star 1502 15MHz Battery Oscilloscope Lab


This unit was removed from a lab as surplus to requirements and we were assured the unit was in working order prior to removal from the lab

However, we have only tested it to power-on ourselves.

Therefore we are happy to sell the unit on the basis that it is in working order, and if you encounter any problems we can offer a 90-day return to base warranty.

Within the UK, we will also arrange the return postage so you are not out of pocket if a problem does arise with the unit.

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George Washington Oscillograph 400 MD/2 Lab


This George Washington Oscillograph 400 MD/2 was removed from a university where it was surplus to requirements.

The unit has no power cable so we were unable to power it on.

it is in reasonable condition but show signs of previous use.

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Metrix OX 803B 40MHz Benchtop Analog Oscilloscope Lab + Probe P6112


Removed from a university lab as surplus to their requirements.

Powers up and displays functions but all aspects of the device have not been tested.

Comes with a pair of Black Tektronix P6112 100Mhz probes.

Good cosmetic condition.

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Tektronix TDS1002B 60 MHz Dual Channel Digital Oscilloscope Lab


Tektronix TDS 1002B Two Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

Removed from a university lab as surplus to their requirements.

Good working order. Passes startup tests. Also run to test channels. They show 5+ Volts during probe test on both channels, but not all functions of the unit tested.

Some visible marks from use.

Will come with 1 set of test probes.

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