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£ 135.00 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

2-Tier Centrifuge Trolley With Wheels Lab


This wheeled centrifuge trolley was removed from a laboratory during a clearance.

It is in good condition with only light markings and no damage.

The dimensions are as follows;


Shelf: 74x58x21cm

Loose metal piece: 51x33cm

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£ 337.50 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

3-Tier Workshop Garage Industrial Parcel Racking 2.5m tall, 4-5 Bays


This set of racking was removed from a university store as surplus to requirements.

This lot comprises 6 x uprights which are 250cm Tall.

12 x Shelf boards. 12 x pairs of shelf supports (24 total).

The boards are 180cm L x 45cm W x 2cm Thick.

Based on this, you could configure it as 3 joined bays of 3 shelves (using 4 uprights and 9 pairs supports/boards) and 1 free-standing bay of 3 shelves (using 2 uprights and 3 pairs supports/boards).

Total palleted weight is approx 380kgs.

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£ 820.12 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Bigneat BC1204/01 Chemcap Filtration Cabinet Lab


This unit was removed from a lab as surplus to requirements.

We powered on the unit and the replace filter light started flashing. We removed the filter and it stopped flashing, then we put the filter back in and it started flashing. So you may need to replace the filter depending on your applications.

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£ 30.00 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Black Pleather Plastic Leather Seated Lab Chair Stool


This Black Pleather Lab Stool was removed from a university where ti was surplus to requirements.

It is in good cosmetic condition. The chair has a metal frame and legs. It is 63cm from the floor to the top of the seat.

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£ 464.74 (ex. VAT) 2 in stock

Contained Air Solutions CAS Class 1 Biological Safety Cabinet Pathmat Lab


This unit was removed from a chemistry research laboratory after its closure.

The unit was in full working order when last used, but hasn't been used in 8 years so may require some refurbishment.

We have stands available for the first few unit - please enquire if you need a stand.

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£ 410.06 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Mach-Aire Weigh Booth Powder Weighing Station Lab


This powder weighing station was removed from a chemistry lab as surplus to requirements.

It looks to be in excellent condition.

Please note there is no extractor - it is only the weigh booth itself.

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£ 450.00 (ex. VAT) 1 in stock

Microflow Bioquell Class 1 Biological Safety Cabinet M50230/SP2 Lab


This unit was removed from a lab facility during a building closure as it was no longer required.

Unit powers on and lights and fans start up but we have not tested it any further.

Unit is in fair condition. Looks like it was manufactured in 1992.

Unit is untested as all the power cables have been cut.

The front panel needs the threads replacing on both of the outer clamp down knobs.

The two inner ones are fine, but the threads are slipping on both outer ones.

The panel will not screw down flush to the unit.

Should be an easy fix.

Please note this unit must be safety inspected and commissioned by an engineer prior to use. It may also require new filters - we have not inspected if they are included or in useable condition.

There is no stand.

Unit is approximately 145cm long, 60cm deep and 66cm high.

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