Waters NanoACQUITY UPC2 UPLC Acquity Chromatography System Lab

Item Code: ITEM-29945

Condition: Used

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This was removed from a university lab where it was surplus to requirements. The lab informed us that it was in use until December 2022 and was fully serviced by Waters up to Feb 2023.

All modules are in excellent cosmetic condition with only minor marks from use.

Included are;

1 x Waters Sampler Manager

Part Number: 186016007

S/N: J10NPS 788M

The unit powers up but we were unable to test it further at our facility. This unit does include 2x part number 418000179 vile trays. 

1 x Waters Binary Solvent Manager

Part Number: 186016002

S/N: H10NPB 923N

The unit powers up, the flow light flashes red, green, and then turns off. We were unable to test it further at our facility.

1 x Waters Auxiliary Solvent Manager

Part Number: 186016021

S/N: H10NPA 505N

The unit powers up but the flow light does the same as the binary manager. We were unable to test it further at our facility.

There is also a network switch on the top of the stack. It is untested.

It comes with

5x sealed bagged "nano inlet filter 5 micron", part number: 289002172 with dates on the bags ranging from 2011 to 2020.

A set of bagged tubes that are labelled as "solvent aux".

Item Details

Property Value Tested value
Electrical Supply N/A 1-Phase

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