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UHV Vacuum Job Lot STM + SIMS + Loadlock Chambers, Gate Valves, Flanges + More


This sale is for a large collection of various UHV equipment as removed from a university chemistry lab as surplus to requirements.

The lab provided a brief description of the contents as below. Please enquire for any further information you may want and we may be able to sell contents separately.

1. VAT gate valve (originally between STM and buffer chamber)

2. STM chamber

3. Hydrogen cleaning and SIMS chamber

4. Cryo-cooled TSP tube from (3)

5. hydraulically formed bellows from (3) [US size flange, 4-5/8 inch]

6. Ion gauge from (3)

7. Three cold cathode gauges, from (2) and (3)

8. ‘T’ piece tube

9. Two adapter flanges

10. HV feedthrough on bellows

11. KF16 pneumatic valve

12. HV feedthrough

13. Loadlock chamber from Varian MBE chamber

14 Trasnfer arm from (13)

15. Long elbow piece from (13)

16. Assorted flanges – blanks and windows, from (2), (3) and (13)

17. Rotary mechanism

18. Assorted metalwork

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UHV Vacuum Spectrometer Control Unit Lab


This UHV Vacuum Spectrometer Control Unit was removed from a university where it was surplus to requirements.

Both parts of the unit power on and when adjusting the settings on the main unit the display reacts accordingly. It however has not been tested any further than this.

The unit is in reasonably good condition but the power input on the main unit is a little loose and can require a bit of movement to get the unit powered on.

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