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Astell Scientific SVD637D-15602 Laboratory Autoclave Lab Spares or Repairs


This Astell Scientific SVD637D-15602 Laboratory Autoclave was removed from a university lab where it was surplus to requirements.

It has not been tested.

The chamber of the unit had a crack and the university have tried to repair it. The chamber has been welded and repaired, however, during the validation process, it occurred that the repair was not successful.

It is strictly sold as spares or repairs.

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PriorClave PS/Mid/C40 Benchtop Autoclave Lab - Spares / Repairs


This PriorClave PS/Mid/C40 Benchtop Autoclave was removed from a university lab as it developed a fault.

We were informed this by the lab:

"The 40l has accumulated steam damage to the main circuit board that controls it and that needs replacement. It also had its temperature sensor fail regularly, although at the point we decided we had spent too much on repairs to make this viable to us we did not know if changing the circuit board would solve the sensor problem - the engineer said probably so but without a clean board to check the sensor on they couldn’t be 100% sure."

The unit powers on but has not been tested further for safety reasons. It is in reasonable cosmetic condition but has been very well used and is quite rusty around the door.

When closed, the door locks and can't be opened unless the side panel is taken off and the solenoid pin is manually pulled out to release it.

Internal dimensions are 52.5cm Deep x 34.5cm Wide x 29.5cm High.

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